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We design and provide clean, reliable, affordable and quality alternative energy solutions for homes, commerscial businesses and rural communities.

Unlimited Supply

Lapomik Energy utilizes energy from the sun in providing adequate power at cost competitive prices for our clients. Bringing efficient and sufficiency to your homes, offices, institution, industries and also your religious outfits. Wherever efficient, sufficent and consistent energy is required, Lapomik satisfies!

Who Are Our Customers?

  • Home Owners

  • SMEs, Offices, Shops

  • Real Estate

  • Schools / Institutions

  • Religious Fellowship Centres

  • Health Care Facilities, etc

Our Services

We offer services exactly to each client's need and demand. The following services are included in our turnkey installation:

  • Initial Consulting
  • Free Energy Audit and Assessment
  • Design and Sizing
  • Procurement of Equipment & Testing
  • System Installation and Commissioning
  • System Operator Training
  • System real-time monitoring
  • Maintenance of Your Solar System

How do you start?

Start yoursolar journey today with us. Get in Touch for an assessment. Choose from one of our flexible payment plans