What is SCADA?

SCADA is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA refers to a system that collects data from various devices such as pvs, inverters, batteries, generators, sensors, meters at a plant or in other remote locations and then sends the data to a centralized location which then manages and controls the data received.

What is UNITY?

UNITY is the world’s most advanced digital infrastructure management platform for all your PV assets. It is the ultimate open solution for remote monitoring and control of photovoltaic installations. UNITY utilizes the best of breed M2M (Machine to Machine) and cloud based technologies; it is a highly accurate, reliable and cost-effective solution, with unique scalability and expandability features, suitable for all kinds of PV installations (rooftops, large PV plants, grid connected, off grid etc.). UNITY offers real time plant monitoring, using data streaming technologies applying down to one second intervals

Is UNITY available on mobile phones or tablets?

Yes. UNITY is available via app for mobile devices. The app is available both on the android play store and apple appstore.

How do I benefit from SCADA?

There are several benefits from SCADA and monitoring your PV assets. SCADA allows you facilitate maintenance and reduce operating costs. You can perform remote diagnosis and enhance technicians’ efficiency. Our integrated SCADA environment gives you a consolidated operations tool for monitoring, control, reporting and maintenance. You can maintain and operate a single plant or a portfolio of diverse geographically located solar plants.

How much does the SCADA system cost?

We offer a cost effective platform that offers maximum ROI and great value for users, owners and developers. To get a customized quote for your plant, please contact us and tell us about your project and your needs. We would provide you with costing based on your specific needs.

Do I really need SCADA on my plant?

Let us summarize…most importantly, a SCADA system will help you save time and money. With a monitoring system on your PV plants, you monitor the plants real time, eliminate site trips and save highly on operational costs. Your plants operate optimally and achieve longevity. You receive alarm notifications and you can troubleshoot and make immediate corrections. You can generate and analyze periodic reports of plant performance.

Does your SCADA system involve hardware or software components?

This would depend on your plant layout and what you would want to monitor. Our platform usually consists of innovative hardware and our intelligent software. These usually consists of peripheral monitoring and supervisory systems and devices including controllers, sensors and measuring instruments which are usually installed at the plant to monitor, supervise and control the site infrastructure elements.