Lapomik Oil and Gas has alliances with a number of key corporate associates with whom we work co-cooperatively to provide the full spectrum of integrated upstream technical, economic and commercial services to clients. We are proud to be partnered with the following leading oil and gas exploration, production and development companies in the delivery of our strategy in Africa.

Our intention is to provide a suite of multi-client studies and other technical products aiming to address current or ‘hot’ topics in the industry, where our technical expertise and knowledge can be harnessed to provide invaluable insights or to enhance technical analysis.

LapoMik Energy Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Company and top-tier performer by creating value through sustainable

Our mission is to put work efficiency in management, in all aspect of services to our customers with a fresh perspective and to bring credibility into the whole concept of accuracy thereby restoring the much needed confidence of our clients need. Lapomik Oil and Gas takes concerns of its clients to heart and Our clients lays emphasis on efficiency and quality and also setting new standards in terms of efficiency, productivity, reliability, accuracy and outreach. Improving on the level of customer-client relationship and increasing professional ethics. Our management as an experienced organization believes that, the success in our business depends on management’s commitment towards the realization of set objectives.

We are committed to being a premier oil and gas company and top-tier performer by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth in reserves and production, and by contributing to the country’s energy security. We provide challenging and rewarding opportunities, we respect and trust each other, and we behave as ethical and responsible stewards wherever we operate.

  • We Optimize Budget
  • We Aim for Satisfaction
  • We Aim to Improve your Businesses
  • High Class Technology
  • We are Professionals
  • Certified and Accredited Staffs
  • We are Safety Conscious
  • We are Flexible