LAPOMIK OIL AND GAS provides a full range of professional procurement and support services that ensure reliability from receipt of your inquiry through shipment of your order. We source your equipment requirements competitively through our global network of manufacturers and our supplier alliances. We locate the equipment, place the order via our computer order entry system, and expedite to ensure that deliveries are on time. Once your equipment arrives at our warehouse, all materials are quality inspected for authenticity, material condition and quantity.
This eliminates any potential problem or concerns of shipping incorrect or damaged materials. We offer complete packing and crating services. This ensures your equipment is properly packed and delivered efficiently and on time to you.

Finding and producing petroleum matters, but leaders must realize maximum value of existing reserves.

The petroleum industry will face competition from alternative–and potentially subsidized–energy sources. The task is not just to find and produce petroleum more effectively. As alternatives develop, the industry must ensure that every petroleum molecule adds the maximum economic value.