Lapomik Oil and Gas personnel bring extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry gained from numerous projects around the world to every project. Their diverse backgrounds in Oil and Gas consulting and Procurement have made us Unique amongst others. This diversity of expertise has strengthened our capability and reputation to provide consistent, high quality, impartial, technically sound and commercially astute advice—a reputation we intend to maintain with every project undertaken.


Lapomik Oil and Gas possesses all the capabilities found in an integrated oil company. Project teams work closely together to derive solutions designed to meet the technical, commercial and strategic requirements specific to each assignment. As such, the awareness of our staff with regards to their related disciplines is often much greater than in a conventional technical consultant.


At Lapomik we are strongly customer-focused, aiming to deliver to our clients’ specific needs by providing a flexible and bespoke service. The project scope and resources that we deploy are adapted to meet individual client requirements and expectations, whether for a quick review or an intensive study. We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive, providing our clients with a service that meets their needs and ensuring that we achieve a high level of repeat business.


Lapomik delivers its work to exacting technical standards. We achieve this in several ways:

  • We use a higher than normal proportion of experienced technical staff in all our projects
  • We adopt a rigorous quality control methodology to ensure consistency of service delivery, extending from careful QC of data received to peer review of work prior to milestone review meetings
  • We remain small so that overall quality assurance is maintained and clients see a consistency of staff and approach.

We maintain the strict confidentiality of all client projects and have secure and compliant office systems which ensure the integrity of data, interpretations and information flow.


We work in all major, and many minor, petroleum provinces. We have considerable recent project experience in West Africa, Middle East, North Sea, North Africa, Latin America and the FSU. Radek Oil

and Gas has access to expertise in all stages in the E&P cycle, from frontier exploration to mature field production projects, both oil and gas, onshore and offshore, including in deep water.


Our technical service is based on insightful analysis, integrated where required. Through key strategic alliances with other high quality Oil and Gas consultants, as well as our extensive network of experienced industry associates, we can tailor our core offering to provide a full range of technical, economic, business and strategic advice to clients. Additionally, we are qualified to act as Competent Persons for the purposes of regulatory and other compliance.

LapoMik Energy Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Company and top-tier performer by creating value through sustainable

Our mission is to put work efficiency in management, in all aspect of services to our customers with a fresh perspective and to bring credibility into the whole concept of accuracy thereby restoring the much needed confidence of our clients need. Lapomik Oil and Gas takes concerns of its clients to heart and Our clients lays emphasis on efficiency and quality and also setting new standards in terms of efficiency, productivity, reliability, accuracy and outreach. Improving on the level of customer-client relationship and increasing professional ethics. Our management as an experienced organization believes that, the success in our business depends on management’s commitment towards the realization of set objectives.

We are committed to being a premier oil and gas company and top-tier performer by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth in reserves and production, and by contributing to the country’s energy security. We provide challenging and rewarding opportunities, we respect and trust each other, and we behave as ethical and responsible stewards wherever we operate.

  • We Optimize Budget
  • We Aim for Satisfaction
  • We Aim to Improve your Businesses
  • High Class Technology
  • We are Professionals
  • Certified and Accredited Staffs
  • We are Safety Conscious
  • We are Flexible